InsightDigital-Hero-Websites It is needless to say that having a website is essential to any business. But let’s be honest, no business owner has ever bought a website “just to have one”. The decision to create a website usually comes hand-in-hand with the desire to increase sales, generate leads or promote the business in some shape or form.

If you think about it, a visitor coming to your website is like a customer walking through your door with a “I’m just looking” attitude. Now consider the following scenario: You have a sales representative that converts 10 times less sales than anybody else, doesn’t know much about your company, products/services, never answers customer calls and shows to work everyday wearing thongs and a singlet. What would you do to him?

Chances are you would let him go. It is the same thing with your website. If it doesn’t perform like a sales team and generates enquiries, it is probably time to replace it with one that will. That is where we come in. Every client website has a goal. To put it simply, our job is to find out what it is and achieve it.

An Account, a Professor, a Programmer and a Sales Rep walked into a website…

While there is no formula for online success, we have developed a number of best practices learned from every project we have done. Every website we build has four core functions.

The Professor – Your site should be telling as well as selling. Like a professor on the subject of “your business”, it should know everything about it and be ready to answer visitors quickly and more importantly, correctly.

The Sales Rep – Imagine having a sales representative who worked 24/7, never missed a call, always gave customers the right information, and had amazing customer service skills? Well, this is what your website should be.

The Programmer – Gone are the days when a developer should be paid to make simple content changes to your website. All our websites are built using well-known, easy-to-use content management systems such as WordPress, which means you don’t need to rely on us to update your site. You can do it yourself!

The Accountant – Getting results for our clients is our number one priority and as they say, the proof is always in the pudding. To make sure you are always on track, we constantly monitor your website using tools such as Google Analytics to make sure it delivers the goods.

The moral of the story is simple, all our websites are created with one thing in mind; Improve your bottom-line!

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