Cutuli Electrical



Cutuli Electrical is a multifaceted electrical specialist with a mission to be the preeminent source for electrical repairs and installations in the greater Gladstone area. Their team work with customers to ensure that their existing lifestyle, routine or business operation is improved and never impeded.

Even with their size and strong reputation, this budding electrical company had their growth restricted by a lack of a web presence. Without a website, the average commercial and domestic clients were unable to readily discover them and their services.



  • Highlight Cutuli Electrical’s extensive range of industrial, domestic and commercial services.
  • Clearly communicate the expansive service area.
  • Facilitate quick and easy discovery of the right service.


The end product of careful research and considered planning was a switched on web presence which perfectly articulated the diversity and professionalism of Cutuli Electrical. From the homepage through to the contact section, there is no shortage of necessary energy or impact.

This impact can be seen in the careful division of Cutuli Electrical’s rather diverse service range, all done logically across domestic, commercial and industrial lines. Any potential customer can clearly discover which service suits their needs, right down to the benefits and service process. With this conveniance and detail infused into their already solid business structure, Cutuli Electrical can finally gain the greater market share they deserve.